Porch Chats: “Collectivism”

I've decided to start a new thread, or series of blogs, in which I sit on my patio and write about anything that happens to be on my mind.  My patio is currently where I get all my deep thinking done.  It's a place of solitude that offers me views of local wildlife (hummingbirds, squirrels, … Continue reading Porch Chats: “Collectivism”


Snickerdoodles (Without Cream of Tartar)

Atticus and I were sitting around yesterday, enjoying another lazy summer day, when suddenly I was struck with the motivation to bake snickerdoodles!  Unfortunately, I did not have any cream of tartar- who actually does own such a thing?  After searching the interwebs, I found a great recipe for snickerdoodles that actually does not need … Continue reading Snickerdoodles (Without Cream of Tartar)