Book Review: “Madeleine’s Ghost”

Madeleine's Ghost was author Robert Girardi's debut novel, published in 1995, and it did not disappoint.  While regaling the tale of a graduate history student, Ned Conti, and his lost love, Antoinette, this novel intertwines the present and past in a way that hints at the idea of predestination.  Ned Conti is stuck at an … Continue reading Book Review: “Madeleine’s Ghost”


First Week of Class- Semester Goals!

My first week of class is done, and now it is time to reflect.  I am actually pretty excited about this semester-even with physics.  All of my classes are interesting, and rather than my typical 18 credit hour semester, I am only taking 15 hours.  3 credits make a HUGE difference.  I feel like I … Continue reading First Week of Class- Semester Goals!