Why the World Needs GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have gotten a bad name from controversial misuse by companies , the most infamous being Monsanto's use of GMOs to protect crops from dying when sprayed with pesticides, harming the health of many innocent consumers.  Because of the controversy over Monsanto, consumers fear GMOs, and there are even new labels showing … Continue reading Why the World Needs GMOs


A Breakthrough!

Ever since school has come to a close, I have been worried about my finances for Fall Semester.  How will I survive on a meager $150 per month when I have to buy groceries, books, and pay for rent?!  Well, today, my worries were put to rest!  I was invited to apply to be a … Continue reading A Breakthrough!

10 Things that Make me Happy in the Summer

That first cup of coffee... and second... and maybe even third. Taking selfies! Downtown areas at night.  It doesn't matter where, just as long as there are bright lights and many distractions. Reading by the pool. Blogging in the morning. Biking through the golf courses. Watching Bob's Burgers endlessly because I have no responsibilities (for … Continue reading 10 Things that Make me Happy in the Summer