letting go

My grandpa, Papa Berg, has had cancer for the past year.  It started in his colon and metastasized to his whole body, including regions in his brain.  Today, I gave him a call to catch up since the holidays and see how he is doing.  To my surprise, I caught him when he was in … Continue reading letting go


Saying goodbye to 2018

I've said goodbye to a lot of things this past year.  A relationship, school, my father, friendships.  2018 was full of changes, resulting in a life I did not imagine this time last year.  I had my triumphs- graduating, working for Auburn University, buying my first car meeting Christopher.  I am grateful for these blessings the … Continue reading Saying goodbye to 2018


I wonder if anyone else feels what I feel.  If anyone feels as deeply as I can feel.  An ache deep in my core for times gone by, faded memories, past pain, and angst for future loss and heartbreak.  A moan in my soul mourns the state of the world, the apathy prevalent in our … Continue reading feels

23 in Charleston

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 23rd revolution around the Sun with Christopher.  It was a special memory- our first trip together.  Hand-in-hand we walked on cobblestone streets dating back three centuries that was lined with gift shops selling slogan tees, bars featuring swanky cocktails, and restaurants oozing sumptuous aromas- a nuanced mixture of the … Continue reading 23 in Charleston