Disease Ecology Week 2: The Project Starts

This week we officially kicked off our field work.  On the first day, a team mate and I spray-painted red solo cups black to create ovicups.  Ovicups are used to collect eggs mosquitos may lay there. My roommate left for a week and put me in charge of bunny duty.  The gray one is Sasha … Continue reading Disease Ecology Week 2: The Project Starts


Auburn: week 1

My first week in Auburn is done, and we got all of the preliminary work finished.  The project will officially start during week 2, so stay tuned.  In the mean time, here are some memories of my first week as a disease ecology tech.   Does anyone know what this is?? I passed by it … Continue reading Auburn: week 1

Titan arum

The greenhouse at UNC Charlotte waited about 10 years for this beauty to grow and bloom.  The Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) is native to Indonesia, and due to its pungent smell of rotting flesh, it is commonly called the corpse flower.  The genus name amorphophallus translates into misshapen penis, which David Attenborough thought was too indecent … Continue reading Titan arum

Charlotte Nature: ducklings, chicks, and spring flora

Campus has been full of life, so I decided to make another post celebrating it. First up is some pictures of local flora, including scale insects, pink flowers, and a purple flowered bush.  If anyone knows the names of these flowers, comment below.   There is a new family in Heck pond, a mother mallard … Continue reading Charlotte Nature: ducklings, chicks, and spring flora